Job market paper

A Policy by Any Other Name: Unconventional Industrial Policy in the US Residential Solar Industry

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Working papers

Private Benefits from Public Investment in Climate Adaptation and Resilience (w/ Joseph E. Aldy)

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Hotelling Meets Wright: Spatial Sorting and Measurement Error in Recreation Demand Models

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Work in progress

Clearing the Air: The Welfare Effects of the Clean Air Act’s Regional Haze Rule

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Hashtags for Hotelling: User-generated Social Media Data and Recreation Demand Models

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Increasing the Adoption of Rooftop Solar in Madhya Pradesh (w/ Teevrat Garg and Meera Mahadevan)

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Complementarities and Optimal Targeting of Electric Vehicle and Solar PV Subsidies (w/ Frank Pinter)

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  1. Voluntary Purchases and Adverse Selection in the Market for Flood Insurance (w/ Carolyn Kousky and Oliver Wing)

    Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2021

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  2. Analysis of Proposed 20-year Mineral Leasing Withdrawal in Superior National Forest (w/ James H. Stock)

    Ecological Economics, 2022

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  3. 'Underwaterwriting:' From Theory to Empiricism in Regional Mortgage Markets in the US (w/ Jesse M. Keenan)

    Climatic Change, 2020

  4. Comparing the Effects of Behaviorally Informed Interventions on Flood Insurance Demand: An Experimental Analysis of 'Boosts' and 'Nudges'

    Behavioural Public Policy, 2019

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